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released April 18, 2016



all rights reserved


BRÅVES Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Unwed Sailor
Hands on the window
You said something about goodbye
Hang me from the willow
If you just let me go I'll fly
I found a whale bone
And whittled it to a knife
Screams in my pillow
It's no wonder I feel this shy

Hello, hollow, hallow, hello

I wanna own you
So I can keep you safe
I wanna love you
So you can feel my hate
Building you up to break your wall
Pushing you down to break your fall
I wanna own you
So I can keep you safe

Unwed sailor
Taken by mermaids
Unholy whaler
For the cut of his soap a slave
Sea born raider
Do you ever remember my name
See you later
Those three words were my gravest mistake

Follow the sun
Follow the moon
We got death on the run
I'll see you soon
Track Name: Straitjacket
Crazy take my head apart
Fit my pieces in your broken heart

Could have fooled me into looking down gun
No insanity ever keep me from your love

Straight jacket my heart
locking me up so you can never get away
I'm climbing the walls
Stitching me up just to fall apart again
Your my medicine

Tame me I'm more bite than bark
Hang my violence like a work of art

Could have fooled me into looking down gun
No insanity ever keep me from your love

I'll fall sleep to the beat of your heart just stay
How can dream when we're worlds apart just stay
Track Name: Lovely Bones
Caught in cobwebs
Only spiders know
How to taste your lovely bones
Tangled up
Inside your dusty home
Find me in the trap you've sewn

I feel you crawling
Hands and feet
My devotee
You suck me dry
When I'm your alibi
I feel so cold
When you hold me close
Your my host
I'm your fly

Blood stream
Won't you prey on me
Blood stream
Our love is so obscene

Boring hunting
When you play dead
Stole my gold turned it to thread
Spit Your venom while you eat your friends
Spin your words until they bend

Up and up and out
It's raining
Up the water spout
It's pouring
Wash the spider
You drain me
Down and down and down and down we go

When you close your eyes
Your hearts in the middle
Track Name: Jump The Gun
We bend we break
Pretend were safe
I stay you go
Does your heart hang low?

I watch my phone
I wait for your post
Who's there
Your not alone
Does your heart hang low?

I stand a stones throw
That man in my home
I'm hot your cold
Does your heart hang low?

You beg please go
You've strayed
I won't
I need to know

It's you I've been watching
I hope I'm not jumping the gun
Breakthrough, I've been knocking
You can't hide but you know you can run.
Empty bed so lonely
Won't you let me in?
It's you I've been watching
I hope I'm not jumping the gun
Does your heart hang low?
Track Name: Lonely Ghost (Totem)
We crashed this ship in sight of land
Dragged our bodies onto the sand
We built this house, we made a plan
We the architects of deliverance

We can hear the cry, human sacrifice
Cradle of light rock, me back to life
Through the sands of time
We will climb to paradise
You are my totem

My only home
Our love does not belong to the years
My lonely ghost
Scare away my fears

We belong together
We will burn forever
At the ending of our days
We will set this pyre ablaze
We belong together

Take my body, Mr. River
Ferry me across to the bitter end
Paint this heart, form these hands
Build me up to begin again
Track Name: Hearts On Loan
In the ground
you put me in my place
root and bone
you take me home
rusted crown
why u been so heavy ?
how you've grown
you sinking stone ?

made of sound
we ripple in sine waves
creak and moan
our hearts on loan
homeward bound
I'm longing for your gaze
we conquered Rome
from seeds we've sewn

how's it feel ? to be so real ?

hush now child it's time to
go to sleep
I'll be there w you in ur dreams
we sail on and on on and on
the sun he'll smile once more for
you and me